Centralized and Integrated Solutions


VPort is a flexible management dashboard supporting a spectrum of users and vendor life cycle workflows. VPort improves transparency of vendor availability, management, and costs with support for different role types within an institution, from the vendor / market data management teams right through to an individual employee at a desk.


VSource is the definitive directory of vendors and vendor services for financial services. VSource enables firms to research, run overlaps, and compare authenticated fintech offerings against the functionality and coverage of their existing tools, as well as assess emerging technologies to fully optimize functionality.


VKey displays key and pertinent contract terms at a glance, automatically. Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) technology in conjunction with machine learning (ML), VKey extracts a number of embedded contract terms, including standard contractual terms and more complex data / analytics compliance and usage rights.


VReg is the regulatory mapping of vendor services. VReg maps the articles of existing, new, and pending rules and regulations to a client’s existing vendor stack to assist in their compliance regarding action, oversight, risk analysis, liquidity rules, or regulatory capital requirements.


Bringing on new clients creates a large process burden on vendors. Clients have varying requirements and formats around audits, compliance, financial disclosures, and due diligence. VLink fixes this broken process by providing a central hub for client management to enable vendors to disseminate information and manage client contracts and relationships more efficiently.