Market Data Customer Connection

VendEx Solutions provides seamless connectivity between Data Vendors and Data Consumers (Financial Institutions), enabling vendors to highlight and share information about products and services such as regulatory impacts, new services, or changes to existing services through the VendEx Solutions centralized Hub. Vendors can upload due diligence, onboarding, and RFI/RFI information to a centralized repository to publish and permission to specific institutions.

Vendor products and services are tagged to VendEx IDs (VIDs), a patent-pending taxonomy for categorizing vendors’ products and services for contracts, digitized direct invoicing, and data usage rights.

VLink Vendor Profile

Free Services

  • Vendor Profile Pages
    • Company page, product pages identifying services
    • Publish list pricing (Optional)
  • Update Profile/Product Content
    • Deliver product/services list
    • Request changes
  • Regulatory Impact Mapping
    • Map products to global regulations
  • RFI / RFP
    • Receive notifications

Premium ServicesVLink Vendor Product Page

  • Showcase Products & Services
    • Highlight product/service benefits
    • Upload marketing materials
    • Track views, etc.
  • Highlight Regulatory Impact
    • Vendor-certified regulatory mapping
    • Map discrete services to specific articles
  • Contact Vendor Functionality
    • Upload location-specific client contacts
    • Contact via messages, email, or phone
  • Publish Alerts
    • Publish and permission to specified targets
    • Clients, prospects, partners or system-wide
  • Centralized Information & Doc. Repository
    • RFI / RFP
    • Onboarding
    • Due diligence
  • RFI / RFP Premium Functionality
    • Assign sections & track progress
    • Permission documents
    • Report progress to requestor
  • VendEx Identifiers (VIDs)
    • VID-SV: Digital invoicing & matching services
    • VID-DU: Digitally assign data usage rights