Welcome to VSource, a digital catalog of market data vendors, products, and services. We have identified more than 3,700 active vendors in the financial services industry in our database and are developing rich market sector libraries, including the IA Engine Fintech Members, ESG, Alt Data and Energy. VendEx clients may request prioritization of new vendors for uploading and cataloging of products and services. 

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IA Velocity Fintech Member

VendEx Solutions is proud to be a Fintech Member of the Investment Association’s Engine program, which is designed to identify, develop and accelerate best in class firms with innovative solutions, facilitating the adoption of technology within asset management and capital markets.

Definitive Vendor Services Directory

VSource Vendor Profile

VSource is a vendor services directory for the market data industry, enabling firms to research and compare authenticated financial technology and data vendors, products, and services, as well as assess emerging technologies. The VSource vendor database is powered by a proprietary alphanumeric taxonomy that captures product and service information at a granular level, enabling search results by vendor, product, service, geography, delivery, asset class, instrument type, and more.

Research, Source & Compare Vendors

  • A centralized hub that connects market data consumers to the vendor universe
  • Research your vendors for a complete view of their capabilities
  • Request vendor company/product updates
  • Discover new vendors across numerous market sectors
  • Identify competing products ahead of renewals

VSource Product Profile

Monitor Vendors

  • Provide foundational content for know-your-supplier requirements
  • Emerging technologies
  • Coming Soon:
    • Vendor news
    • Product updates
    • End-of-life notifications


  • Rich sector directories, including ESG, Alt Data and Energy
  • Client-driven prioritization of new vendors for upload and cataloging
  • Vendors contribute company and product data through vendor portal
  • More than 80 foundational company data fields
  • Digital, flexible, dynamic and searchable database
  • Integrates with the VendEx ecosystem, including contract management tools, inventory management dashboards, and regulatory products