VKey – Mapping and Digitizing Contracts

VKey - Digitizing Market Data ContractsVKey digitizes market data contract terms to enable data consumers to identify and understand key terms at a glance. VendEx Solutions’ team of seasoned market data professionals map contracts to 175 terms in 15 categories, leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Optical Character Recognition to accelerate this process.

Clients load contracts into their secure vault, a private cloud instance that can also be deployed on site. Contracts are then relationally associated to link Master Agreements together with their numerous schedules, appendices, and other attachments, for a complete view of a client’s market data usage rights.

Industry Utility for Data Management Contract Intelligence

  • Extract market data contract terms and map to 175 vendor contract terms in 15 categoriesVKey Summary
  • Immediately search key terms & conditions, including complex data usage rights
  • Complete relational view of all master contracts and associated appendices, attachments, schedules, etc.
  • Create new contracts & negotiate terms within the platform
  • Perform risk assessments