Mapping and Digitizing Contracts

VKey - Digitizing Market Data Contracts

VKey maps market data contracts and digitizes contract terms to enable data consumers to identify and understand key terms at a glance. VendEx Solutions’ team of market data experts map contracts to more than 200 terms in 14 categories, leveraging artificial intelligence and optical character recognition to accelerate this process.

Key Benefits

  • Improved internal contract compliance and risk assessments
  • Understand complex data usage rights at-a-glance
  • Key terms of current contracts are easily accessible
  • Historical terms are available for comparison
  • Better management of renewals
  • Access contracts anywhere with cloud-based hosting
  • Streamlined workflows in one integrated product platform

Key terms include baseline meta data and complex terms, such as:VKey Summary

  • Data usage rights
  • Amount/ frequency of extraction
  • Derivative works rights
  • Redistribution rights
  • Termination rights
  • Key definitions
  • Covenants/warranties
  • Audit requirements