Annual Management Charge Rebates and the Role of Contract Digitization

VendEx Solutions has been working with The Investment Association and some of its members to address some common challenges around Annual Management Charge rebate processing, including administrative complexities and compliance risks.

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ESG in Focus: From Parallel Worlds to the New Investment Universe (a.k.a. What’s a buy-side investor to do?)

The real opportunity for change is investors’ ability to use the data and technology achievements of the last decade to take advantage of ESG applications for investment decisions, as opposed to checking off a tick box for reporting.

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RegTech: Following the Regulatory Pendulum

The purpose of financial regulation is ultimately to protect the consumer. There are hundreds of global financial regulations created by a myriad of regulatory bodies both in response to, and as a means to avoid, financial crisis, and to create stability and security in the financial systems. The proliferation of financial regulation has […]

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From Business Continuity to Business as Usual: The Changing Face of Digital Market Data

In the mid 2000’s I was responsible for a team that provided mission critical pricing for fixed income asset classes. Many clients were using this mark-to-market pricing to calculate an end of day NAV for their portfolios. The needs for timeliness and accuracy were absolute, and business continuity and disaster recovery were mandatory. Part of […]

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