As the need for data in generative AI accelerates, VendEx and Tractiv are working together to provide a complete solution for data provenance, data usage, and compliance monitoring.

San Francisco, April 29, 2024   – VendEx Solutions and Tractiv today announced a partnership built upon the shared goal of redefining trust in data in the age of generative AI.

Generative AI relies on enormous data sets to train large language models, stimulating overwhelming demand for content – along with controversy – among technology giants such as OpenAI, Microsoft, Google, and Amazon. Creators and owners of data struggle to control unauthorized access to and use of their proprietary content across all types of media, from music and literature to financial data to individual and household information.

Leveraging technologies developed for the financial services sector, both VendEx and Tractiv were launched to enhance operational efficiency in the management and delivery of data. Now, these companies’ unique and complementary capabilities are being combined to provide a powerful solution that enables content owners to gain control over their intellectual property in the face of AI’s overwhelming demand for data. Solutions developed by VendEx and Tractiv to address problems of data provenance and usage rights are directly applicable to ensuring continued innovation in AI while preventing unauthorized use of data. This combination ensures that advances in AI can be achieved while enforcing the integrity of data ownership rights.

“Our partnership with Tractiv provides an end-to-end solution, starting with the application of two VendEx technologies, the patented standard identifier (VID) and patent-pending usage rights code (URC), which establish data provenance and help define the contractual usage rights to the data. These technologies mesh with Tractiv’s ability to monitor compliance with secure data distribution, track and trace technology, and immutable reporting,” said Richard Clements, CEO of VendEx Solutions. “Both companies share a vision of ensuring integrity of data provenance across any proprietary data company and enabling companies to maintain control of their IP.”  

“VendEx’s patented identifier and usage rights tech dovetail seamlessly with Tractiv’s secure distribution, tracking, and immutable reporting capabilities,” said Drew Orsinger, CEO of Tractiv. “Our success with data control and security in the Media & Entertainment industry, as well as our foundational work with Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA) to solve the deep fake problem in AI, fits seamlessly with VendEx’s tech. We’re leveraging a proven control and IP protection solution for the protection of large data sets. Our approach can be applied immediately whenever chain of custody is needed for monetized or sensitive data, especially as that data is knowingly or unknowingly consumed by LLMs.”

About VendEx Solutions

VendEx provides a data and vendor management ecosystem built on a foundation of industry standard identifiers and a digital directory of vendor products and services, powering a suite of sophisticated integrated tools and workflows for both data management and data vendors. VendEx began in financial services and has expanded its solutions for data provenance and usage rights to other data-rich industries as the need for governance around generative AI and LLM explodes.

Leveraging deep industry knowledge, VendEx works with the world’s largest market participants to create, design, and ultimately deploy the only centralized utility with tools built by the industry, for the industry. VendEx is a San Francisco-based SaaS company with offices in New York and Charleston, SC, as well as London, Singapore, and Lund, Sweden.

About Tractiv

Tractiv is fundamentally changing how companies permission, distribute, secure, and deploy proprietary data. Tractiv offers a cloud-native solution to instantly distribute, track, and trace data regardless of data type or file size. Tractiv’s solutions solve the perennial challenge that data vendors face when they lose visibility and control of their data once a client imports it. Chicago-based Tractiv was founded in April 2020.