Standard Data Identifier

The VendEx Identifier, or VID*, is a patented alphanumeric code standardizing the categorization and identification of data. The VID is a critical foundation for the digital transformation of data management processes and will revolutionize how data and analytics are bought, sold, contracted, and invoiced.

While developed originally for financial services market data, the VID patent is extensible to all data, with broad application for regulations, contracts, usage rights, invoices, and data catalogs. The VID:

  • Standardizes how data is cataloged 
  • Transforms how data is defined for the purposes of understanding data usage rights, a critical market-wide issue.
  • Changes how data is contracted and transacted
  • Enable real-time invoice reconciliation processes

Critically, the VID identifies the ownership and provenance of data, which is necessary for the control of intellectual property as generative AI accelerates the demand for data in training large language models.

*U.S. Patent No. 11,966,878

VID Features & Benefits

Using standard identifiers:

  • Makes discrete data more discoverable via search
  • Enables faster and more granular product search and comparison
  • Eliminates invoice friction for faster, more accurate billing cycles
  • Consistent linkage between contracts, invoices, usage declarations, and usage rights improves reporting and reduces risk

Financial Services Market Data Use Cases

Unique Attributes Associated with Different Data

Examples within financial services market data include:

  • Exchange Data
  • OTC Data
  • Loan Level Data
  • Index Data
  • Analytics
  • Etc.

Capturing Granular Data Fields

Examples of types of data information captured:

  • Vendor(s)
  • Product(s)
  • Original Source
  • Frequency Options
  • Data frequency, product frequency, EOD, etc.
  • Currencies
  • Tenors
  • Geographies
  • Bid-Ask Mid
  • Discrete data fields
  • Etc.

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