Market Data Management Challenges

The VendEx Market Data Workflow

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VendEx Solutions Market Data Workflow

The VendEx Solutions Suite

VendEx Solutions is the definitive centralized hub for the market data industry with a full suite of integrated tools that service both Financial Services Market Data/Vendor Managers and Financial Technology Vendors.

Financial Services Firms

  • VPort: Integrated Vendor Management Portal
    • Management dashboards for inventory, business line costs, compliance, and calendaring (contract duration, renewals, and auto-renewals)
  • VSource: Digital Vendor Services Directory
    • Rich sector directories, including ESG, Indexes, Energy, etc.
    • Dynamic, digital, flexible, and searchable database
  • VReg: Market Data Regulatory Mapping
    • Maps vendor services to specific regulatory articles
    • Dashboard display of vendor reliance and vendor exposure
    • Identify 3rd party risk in meeting discrete regulatory requirements

The VendEx Solutions Hub

  • VKey: Mapping and Digitizing Contracts (Financial Services & Vendors)
    • Documents mapped to Vendor Agreements
    • Manage contract renewals and terminations
    • Easily understand data usage rights per agreement
    • Quickly assess internal contract compliance and risk


  • VendEx Identifier:  VID
    • Alphanumeric code identifying all vendor services
    • Integrates with in-house/third-party systems
      • Catalogs, proposals, contracts, invoices
  • VendEx Usage Rights Code 
    • Code identifies data usage rights from exact contracted services
    • Enables self-service to immediately understand data usage rights

Vendor Companies

  • VLink: Market Data Customer Connection
    • Vendor contributed and authenticated data
    • Highlight capabilities and use cases
    • Mapping to regulatory articles
    • Announcements and alerts