Market Data Management Challenges

The VendEx Market Data Workflow

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VendEx Solutions Market Data Workflow

The VendEx Solutions Suite

VendEx Solutions is the definitive centralized hub for the market data industry with a full suite of integrated tools that service both Financial Services Market Data/Vendor Managers and Financial Technology Vendors.

Financial Services Firms

  • VPort: Integrated Vendor Management Portal
    • Powerful and flexible vendor management dashboard
    • Analyze and manage vendor costs globally, locally or by department
    • Track assigned/unassigned licenses to optimize usage
    • Create RFIs/RFPs and manage vendor selection process
    • Direct Invoicing
  • VSource: Digital Vendor Services Directory
    • Dynamic catalog of vendor products and services
    • Find fintech vendors who meet your requirements
    • Research and compare fintech vendor capabilities
  • VReg: Market Data Regulatory Mapping
    • Map existing and pending regulatory articles to vendor services
    • Understand Vendor reliance
    • Provide insight to new Regulations

The VendEx Solutions Hub

  • VKey: Mapping and Digitizing Contracts (Financial Services & Vendors)
    • Extract key vendor contract terms leveraging AI technology with human understanding
    • Instantly search key data usage terms and conditions


  • VID-S: Vendor Services Identifying Code
    • Proprietary patent-pending taxonomy for categorizing vendors’ products and services
  • VID-C: Contract Terms Identifying Code
    • Proprietary patent pending alpha-numeric taxonomy

Vendor Companies

  • VLink: Market Data Customer Connection
    • Vendor Pages
      • Company Overview
      • Information on all products and services
    • Client communication
      • New Products
      • End of Life
      • Corporate actions
    • Authentication of services
    • Expedited onboarding/Due Diligence
    • Instant RFP access
    • Direct Invoicing
    • Align services with regional regulations