Market Data Customer Connection

Increase Brand Recognition & Market Reach

VendEx Solutions provides seamless connectivity between Data Vendors and Data Consumers (Financial Institutions). VLink is the vendor gateway to the VendEx market data ecosystem that enables vendors to highlight and share detailed information about products and services with market data consumers through the VendEx Data Registry™.

Vendors can register for free access to VLink to review and request updates to their vendor profile information and corresponding product pages published in VendEx’s digital vendor directory (VSource) or to upload vendor and product information if a VSource profile does not currently exist.

Vendor products and services in the Data Registry are assigned VendEx Identifiers (VIDs), a common market standard for categorizing vendors’ products and services for contracts and digitized direct invoicing.

  • Vendor Profile – Each vendor has exclusive access to its own unique vendor page in VSource, the dynamic, digital catalog of market data vendors, products, and services
  • Product Pages – Showcase product capabilities and data/analytics coverage to data consumers
  • Golden Source of Standardized Data Fields – The data originator controls who sees its data. Data set information is standardized and categorized, then published with permissioned access to the vendor’s product page, 3rd party product pages, and vendor’s internal systems. All vendor updates flow through to the published pages and internal systems.

Catalog Services

VLink Vendor Access

  • Promote discrete vendor products and services
  • Market standard identifiers are digitally assigned to discrete services for frictionless invoicing and inventory management
  • Map services to a database of financial institutions’ global regulatory requirements

Showcase Products & Services with VLink Premium

  • Highlight critical product/service benefits and selling points in addition to features
  • Target products to specific user categories for more accurate consumer search results
  • Permission clients/targets to access the searchable golden source of standardized data fields associated with different data products
  • Upload promotional marketing content to materially enhance the standard vendor profile:
    • Product brochures, webinar announcements, informational videos, white papers & case studies
  • Publish alerts that display only to the specific targets or target groups that would most benefit from the information
  • Regulatory Impact Mapping: Get more granular by mapping discrete services to specific regulatory reporting requirements as stipulated in regulation

VLink at a glance